Railroad Earth
Festy 2011
Main Stage
October 7, 2011

4 Channel
Source 1: Nevaton MCE 400 (DIN) > Sound Devices 744t @ 24bit/48hz
Source 2: Schoeps MK22 (A81WS-wide ORTF) > kc5 > CMC6XT > Naiant LB (Jensens) > Sound Devices 744t @ 24bit/48hz
INHDD > Samplitude 11 > Sound Forge 10 > CD Wave > TLH
DFC FOB at SBD 8 ft in the air
Tagged in Foobar 2000
Taper: Soling (sdolan@wi.rr.com)

Run Time: 107:04

01 Mighty River
02 Dandelion Wine
03 Lone Croft Farewell
04 The Hunting Song --> Mountain Time
05 Storms
06 Long Way To Go
07 Mission Man *
08 Donkey for Sale
09 Spring-Heeled Jack


10 Harvest Moon #

* with Justin Perkins on Kora and
Luke Quaranta on Djembe

# with Andy Hall on Dobro and
Jeremy Garrett on Violin


Todd Sheaffer - Lead vocals, acoustic guitars
Tim Carbone - Violin, vocals
John Skehan - Mandolin, vocals
Andy Goessling - Acoustic guitars, banjo, dobro, mandolin, flute, pennywhistle, saxophones and vocals
Carey Harmon - Drums, hand percussion, vocals
Andrew Altman - Electric and Upright Acoustic Bass, Vocals


Thanks to George for the clamp space, Tim for babysitting the gear at the main stage, MA for the friendship, Neil (Corneilus after midnight) for the laughs.

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