Railroad Earth @ Grinders Crossroads KC
Kansas City, MO. 9-15-2012

Taped by: Mike Lauver
Edits w/ Adobe Audition 2.0
Flac'd & Checksums w/TLH
Tracked w/ CD Wave

Nakamichi CM-300 w/shotguns(CP-4) PAS 8' DFC Behind SBD>>Apogee MiniMe @ 48/24>> Microtrack II

Set 1:
Dandelion Wine,
The Forecast - >
The Cuckoo,
Shockenaw Mountain Breakdown,
The Jupiter and the 119 - >
The Wheel

Set 2:
Right in Tune - >
Walk Beside Me,
Mission Man,
Crossing the Gap,
'Neath the Stars,
Bird in a House - >
The Man Who Invented Sin - >
Warhead Boogie - >
Hard Livin',
E: Fisherman's Blues

Thanx to RRE for taping.
Make copies for your friends. Go to RRE shows.
Please don't trade in Lossy formats.