Railroad Earth
Higher Ground
South Burlington, Vermont
February 20, 2014

5 mic FOB Mix:
(2)Nakamichi 701(50%) + (2)Avantone CK-1(40%) + (1)Senheiser 441(10%)>Tascam DR-680[24/48]
Recorded by Casey Coniff and Mastered by Bill Koucky
Green Mountain Bros.

** 16 Bit **

Set 1: 1:05:36

2.Bread and Water
3.The Good Life >
4.Grandfather Mountain
5.Carrying Coal to Newcastle >
6.River Intro Jam >
7.Mighty River
8.Like a Buddha >
9.Chasin' a Rainbow

Set 2: 1:34:00

1.Lordy, Lordy
2.Old Dangerfield >
3.When the Sun Gets in Your Blood
5.Crossing the Gap
6.Mourning Flies
7.Tuba Mirum >
8.Warhead Boogie >
9.Face with a Hole
10.Take a Bow
11.Dance Around Molly >
12.Dandelion Wine
13.encore break
14. Walk Beside Me