Railroad Earth
Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO

Set 1:
01 Happy Song
02 420
03 Storms
04 Drag Him Down
05 Hangtown Ball>
06 Tuba Mirum>
07 Mission Man*
08 The Forecast*
09 Butterfly and the Tree*

Set 2:
10 The Hunting Song*
11 Head*
12 Cold Water*
13 Luxury Liner*
14 For Love*
15 Just So You Know*
16 Barstool*
17 I am a Mess**
18 Stillwater Getaway*
19 Elko*


* with Billy Nershi on acoustic guitar (and lead vocals on "Barstool")
** with Billy Nershi on acoustic guitar and Dan Sears on trumpet

FOH Engineer: Mike Partridge

Source: AUD> Studio Projects C4 (ORTF, FOB right)> Oade Concert Mod Marantz PMD661 (24bit/96kHz)> SDHC card

Transfer: SDHC card> USB> Sound Forge Audio Studio 10> CD Wave (24 bit flac)> dBpoweramp (16bit wav convert)> flac

Recorded, mastered and transferred by gerry gladu