Railroad Earth
Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO

Set 1:
01 When the Sun Gets in Your Blood
02 Black Elk Speaks
03 Potter's Field>
04 Lone Croft Farewell
05 Came Up Smilin'
06 Any Road
07 Farewell to Isinglass>
08 Grandfather Mountain**
09 My Sisters and Brothers**

Set 2:
10 Colorado
11 Mighty River*>
12 Chasin' a Rainbow*
13 On the Banks*
14 Birds of America>
15 Face with a Hole>
16 12 Wolves
17 Hard Livin'*
18 Midnight Special*
19 Long Way To Go*
20 Peace on Earth*
21 Take a Bow*

* with the Black Swan Singers - Sheryl Renee, Coco Brown and Carl Carwell
** with Chris Pandolphi on banjo and the Black Swan Singers

FOH Engineer: Mike Partridge

Source: AUD> Studio Projects C4 (ORTF, FOB right)> Oade Concert Mod Marantz PMD661 (24bit/96kHz)> SDHC card

Transfer: SDHC card> USB> Sound Forge Audio Studio 10> CD Wave (24 bit flac)> dBpoweramp (16bit wav convert)> flac

Recorded, mastered and transferred by gerry gladu