Railroad Earth
Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY

Microphones-Sennheiser's-421 at 9 feet Second Tier aimed dead center
Deck-Zoom-f8 setting's 24/96

Transfer info:
tracking-CD Wave
TLH- Flac-8/MD5/ CKSUM

Setlist : Thanks Mike Hard Copy/ Phil at Earthboard
There is a minor opps second set track 9 & 10 Butterfly and the tree are split lost maybe 3 seconds
Set : 1
1 Head
2 Sing for Me
3 When the Sun Gets in Your Blood
4 Crossing the Gap
5 Carrying Coal to Newcastle
6 Grandfather Mountain
7 The Hunting Song
Set 2:
1 Long way to Go
2 Shockenaw Mountain Breakdown
3 Bringing my Baby Back Home
4 A day in The Sand
5 Lois Ann
6 The Good Life
7 Mourning flies
8 Birds of America
9-10 Butterfly and the Tree
11 Take a Bow
12- Encore
Water Fountain Quicksand

All Done By Hal Francis (aka)- Homegrn

Notes : Small Crowd Bills Homegame
this is the only post of show as the other tapers mic pre amp died during second set
id like to thank the band for allowing us to tape, and the Town Ballroom Staff
as allows support live music BUY there Merch
and of course you cant repost MP3 or burn this to disc
I will post Scott Pemberton Trio Later Today
setlist help of his set would be Great Yeah They Rock