Railroad Earth
Sherman Theater
Stroudsburg, PA
November 26, 2016

Schoeps MK41V's(Just in front of Soundboard)>Schoeps KCY 250/05i>Schoeps VST62iu>Grace Design Lunatec V3>Sound Devices 744t

SD744t>Sound Forge Pro 11 (Fades,iZotope 64 Bit SRC/iZotope MBIT+ Bit depth conversion to 16 Bit/44.1khz)>CDWAV(Tracking)>Trader's Little Helper (FLAC)>Foobar2000 (Track Tagging)

Recorded By Keith Litzenberger

Set One:

01 Black Elk Speaks
02 Bird in a House
03 Lordy, Lordy
04 When the Sun Gets in Your Blood
05 Lois Ann
06 Grandfather Mountain
07 Hard Livin'
08 Long Way To Go

Set Two:

01 Won't You Come and Sing For Me
02 Just So You Know
03 Potter's Field ->
04 Lone Croft Farewell
05 Lovin' You
06 Any Road
07 Hangtown Ball
08 Face with a Hole ->
09 Way Of The Buffalo
10 Spring-Heeled Jack


11 Standing On The Corner