Railroad Earth
November 22, 2019
A rather large Music Hall...infinite I'm not so sure...
Hartford, CT

Source: Chopped Sennheiser ME64>Custom K6 Box>Sound Devices MixPre3
90*20cm 7.5' center sweet spot @ 24-44.1

Transfer: SDHC>Soundforge 10 (Normalize and 16bit conversion)>
CD Wave>flac level 5>TLH

Recorded By Greg Nash

Set 1:
Hard Livin’
Cold Water
Only By The Light>
Raven’s Child
Lovin’ You
Potter’s Field>
Lonecroft Farewell
Dance Around Molly>
Dandelion Wine
Set 2:
Lordy, Lordy>
Blazin’ A Trail
Old Man and the Land
Any Road
Captain Nowhere>
Carrying Coal to Newcastle jam>
Mighty River
Just So You Know
I Am A Mess
Long Way To Go
Catfish John
Notes: This show featured Mike Robinson on guitar, banjo, and pedal steel