Railroad Earth
Rialto Theatre
Tucson, AZ
January 26, 2020

Source: Core Sound Binaural Mics>Core Sound Bass Roll Off Filter>Edirol RO9 @24bit/44.1khz

1st set:
01) Elko (9:13)
02) Hard Livin' (6:50)
03) Cold Water (4:14)
04) The Good Life (6:57)
05) Potter's Field (13:25)
06) Lonecroft Farewell (5:07)
07) Hangtown Ball (13:44)
08) Chasin' A Rainbow (7:54)
Total: (67:24)

2nd set:
01) RV (5:05)
02) Head (15:36)
03) ? (5:20)
04) Runnin' Wild Again (9:12)
05) Captain Nowhere (10:45)
06) ? (8:00)
07) ? (6:14)
08) Bread and Water (4:17)
09) Like A Buddha (14:57)
10) Half-Step Mississippi Uptown Toodeloo (9:30)
Total: (88:52)

Todd Scheaffer - guitar, lead vocals
Tim Carbone - violin, guitar, vocals
John Skehan - mandolin, bouzouki, keys, vocals
Carey Harmon - drums, perc, vocals
Andrew Altman - bass
Matt Slocum - keys
Mike Robinson - pedal steel, guitar, banjo

Lineage: Edirol RO9 USB out>Dell Inspiron 530S HD>AUDACITY to 16bit/44.1 khz>TLH>FLAC

-first time RRE has been back to the Rialto in several years - they played at the Gem & Jam Festival 2 years ago for their last Tucson appearance. Place
half full or so and gig was labelled a pre Gem & Gam Party, but oddly RRE is not appearing at the main festival.
-real good show as usual. 1st set was a bunch of old faves and seemed to nod to Tucson's Western culture with an "Elko" opener and a few other songs
about the old west or old Western type characters. Real tight good set: "Potter's Field>Lonecroft" was my personal high moment: 2 of my faves! It
seemed they were also into lighter, happier tunes this night over the heavier ones. That continued in 2nd set with "RV" & "Head". The 3rd tune is a
new one I believe: I never heard it before - it may be "Rest My Soul" or "Only by the Light" based on lyrics, not sure, sweet song though. "Runnin'
Wild" is a new one and an instant RRE classic! "Captain Nowhere" was a rare choice & got us into the heavier zone - really go wild on it. The 6th
track is an instrumental & I believe is new too as I never heard it before. Track 7 is an old one I've heard before but I don't know it's title.
And what a great treat for an encore with the Dead's "Half-Step." Looked at the setlists from few shows before this and they are really mixing it up
and making each show unique - must have easily over 100 songs in the repertoire right now!
-I was the only taper there: my buddy Chris patched into me. I was set up by soundboard, mic stand and baffle up about 7'. Excellent sounding. A little
bit of conversation here & there but otherwise no audience interference.
-another Sonoran Desert Recording taped, mastered and seeded by Matt23. For personal use only - no selling. Share freely. Do not convert into MP3 and
share - MP3 for personal use only. Keep the gene pool clean!
-first saw these guys in 2002 and have been hooked ever since! If you have not seen them, you are missing out on one of the best these days, so get to
a show you won't be disappointed! Support the artists!