Railroad Earth
10 Mile Music Hall
Frisco, CO

Set 1:
01 Only By The Light>
02 Dance Around Molly>
03 Dandelion Wine
04 Just So You Know
05 Lovin' You
06 Berkeley Flash>
07 Grandfather Mountain
08 Pig in a Pen
09 It's So Good

Set 2:
10 Donkey For Sale
11 Old Dangerfield
12 Long Way To Go
13 Potter's Field>
14 Lonecroft Farewell
15 Said What You Mean
16 1759>
17 Like A Buddha
18 Peace on Earth
19 Wayfaring Stranger

This show featured Matt Slocum on keys and Mike Robinson on pedal steel, guitar, and banjo.

FOH Engineer: Mike Partridge

Source: aud> Neumann KM 184 stereo set (ortf, dfc, clamped low in balcony)> GAKable XLR silvers> Sound Devices MixPre-3 (24bit/96kHz)> Sound Devices SDHC card

Transfer: Sound Devices SDHC card> USB> Sound Forge Audio Studio 13 (trim/fade/normalize)> CD Wave (tracking/24bit flac)

Recorded, mastered and transferred by gerry gladu