Rain Parade
CBGB's, New York, USA
October - 12 - 1983
Transfer from vinyl bootleg
Welcome To Paisleyland, CLEAN SOUND RECORDS CS 1009

from SEETHELIGHT7 collection # 715

Unknown gen tape (unknown recording equipment). Thanks to SEETHEFUZZ7 for digitalizing it from tape and sending it to me.

Rec. Info:
Unknown gen tape -> transfer via Nakamichi tapedeck DR3 -> wav-file -> wetransfer -> Magix Music Cleaning Lab (edit/remaster) -> FLAC (44,1 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo) -> DIME
Ex- sound, no EQ was made. As it was originally transferred from vinyl there were lots of clicks which were mostly removed by the De-Clicker from the Magix Music Cleaning Lab
Sound levels were adjusted.

This is a great sounding show from the early phase of the band and it was obviously taken from the vinyl bootleg Welcome To Paisleyland. It sounds to be either a soundboard or an
excellent audience recording. I could not find any information about that. There could be a mistake with the exact date as on some web sites it is given as 10th of December 1983.
A copy of the original bootleg cover is attached.

Setlist (tape length 38:34 min.)

01 - Whatever They Say
02 - I Look Around
03 - This Can't Be Today
04 - No Easy Way Down
05 - Saturday's Asylum
06 - Talking In My Sleep
07 - One Hour 1/2 Ago
08 - Revolution (Beatles)

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Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use. Don't ever sell!

Band line-up:

Steve Roback - vocals, bass
David Roback � vocals, guitar
Matt Piucci - vocals, guitar
Will Glenn - keyboards, violin
Eddie Kalwa - drums

Uploaded to DIME by Stacheleber 2014/10/03

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