A Ratpie production:
Torino, Big Club, Nov 13, 1985
Soundboard recording from the master reel.

TIMING: 62:54

LINEAGE: Mixing desk > Reel recorder > K7 > CD > FLAC > YOU

A picture disc was bootlegged from this very recording (actually a copy of my tape), but the mastering work was awful and the sound quality is a lot worse than the original - also, it has 11 tracks, here we have 17. This is the whole thing, from the venue's manager introduction straight to the encores.
I have vined a copy of this cd many years ago, in my PaisleyWeeds Yahoogroup, so some of you might have got it already. Just check the timing and number of songs.

01. Intro/No easy way down
02. It can't be today
03. Ain't that nothing
04. Invisible people
05. Don't feel bad
06. You are my friend
07. Broken horse
08. Mystic Green
09. Depending on you
10. My secret country
11. Blue
12. Night shade
13. Both eyes closed
14. Cheap wine
15. Band intro
16. Only business
17. 1+1/2 hrs. ago

Hope you enjoy.
All the best from Italy. Maurizio 'Ratpie'.