rainbow aragon ballroom chicago illinois(usa) june-25-1976 krw_co analog master
repost not a reseed

lineage audience analog master to cdr krw transfer to eac to tlh flac level 8

the band
Ritchie Blackmore guitar
Ronnie James Dio lead vocals
Cozy Powell drums
Tony Carey keyboards
Jimmy Bain bass

cd 1 tape side a
1 Intro/Kill The King
2 Mistreated
3 Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
4 Catch The Rainbow
5 Man On The Silver Mountain
Cd 2
1 Stargazer
Tape Flip Side B
2 Stargazer (Cont)
3 A Light In The Black
4 Still I'm Sad (Incl: Drum Solo)
5 Do You Close Your Eyes/Guitar Destruction

please do not alter this recording in anyway
and as always enjoy krw_co