Rainer Br´┐Żninghaus Workshop Band
17. Deutsches Jazzfestival
Frankfurt, Germany
xx October 1980

Source: FM radio broadcast (most likely Hessischer Rundfunk)
Lineage: FM > MC > TC Works Spark > HDD > WAV > CDR > Wavelab > WAV > FLAC

01. Circles 8:47
02. Litte chapel 11:47
03. Rain [fade] 4:53

Rainer Br´┐Żninghaus (piano, synth.)
Ack van Rooyen, Markus Stockhausen, Kenny Wheeler (trumpet, fluegelhorn)
Jon Christensen (drums)


Exact date unknown...the festival was held on October 9 - 12.
Venue possibly Kongresshalle?

Many thanks to Rasimov77 for supplying this recording!

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