Broadcast date: 2016-07-02

[b]Note:[/b] I do my best not to put up crappy recordings. Since I've moved, fm reception has been dodgy. I recorded this last night.Typically, I delete a recording this bad, but in light of what this is, I decided to share it anyway.

Lineage: HD over fm>Sangean HDT-1>Rotel-05 SE>SoundBlaster (Live! 24 bit External)>wav(CD Wave Editor)>flac


Part One:

Ralph & Carter Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
At the University of Chicago Folk Festival, Mandel Hall
57th and University Ave., Chicago
February 5, 1961

A Dream of a Miner's Child (trad) 3:25

Angel Band (trad) 3:25

The Wicked Path of Sin (Bill Monroe) 2:43

Little Birdie (trad, arr.Ralph Stanley) 2:37

How Far Is It to Little Rock (Arkansas Traveller) (trad) 3:30

Rabbit in a Log (trad) > Weary Bones (composer unidentified) 2:30

Part Two:

Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys at the University of Chicago Folk Festival,
Mandel Hall, Chicago, January 28, 1984
Ralph Stanley, banjo; Curly Ray Cline, fiddle; Junior Blankenship, guitar; Jack Cooke, bass; Charlie Sizemore, lead vocals

Highway of Regret (Don Anthony-Ralph Stanley) 2:01

Wayward Pilgrim (trad) 2:32

Last Train Blues (trad) 3:19

I Wonder How the Folks Are at Home (F.W.Vandersloot/Herbert S. Lambert) 2:45

Sitting on Top of the World (PD) 3:12

I'll Be There When the Sun Comes Up in the Morning (composer unidentified) 2:46

I'm Willing to Try (composer unidentified, trad?) 2:40

Little Maggie/Pretty Polly (trad) 2:49

Oh Death (trad) 3:42

The Boar Hog (trad) 6:36

How Mountain Girls Can Love (Carter Stanley) 2:15

Orange Blossom Special (Erwin Rouse) (encore) 3:18

Total Time: 56:14