Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project
Yoshi's San Francisco
San Francisco CA
September 8, 2009

Source: AT825 (center floor) > SD744T > WAVE (24/44.1)
Transfer: SD 744T (FW) > G5 Dual Mac (Peak/xACT) > FLACs (level 8)
Recording and mastering by Michael Zelner

1 [unknown title]
2 Backtrackin'
3 Black Beauty
4 Boogie's The Thing
5 Rexatious
6 Clouds In My Heart
7 Futuristic Rhythm
8 [unknown title]
9 Jay's Frantic
10 Mississippi Dreamboat*
11 Sweet Lotus Blossom*
12 Jeep's Blues
13 Love In My Heart
14 Blow Big Ralph (aka Blow Big Jay)
15 (encore break)
16 Encore: A Porter's Love Song To A Chambermaid*

total time: 1:15:28

Ralph Carney - winds, vocals
Michael McIntosh - piano
Ari Munkres - acoustic bass
Randy Odell - drums
with special guest: Ara Anderson - trumpet

*with Karina Deniké - vocals



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