Christmas charity show
Wimbledon Theatre London 14 December 1986
Radio 2 Broadcast 60 minutes of the show:

Track 1 was on the end of side 2 of my cassette(!?)
Possibly from a different copy of the broadcast as the quality is not as good as the rest of the show. A little muffled but still Okay.A little hiss throughout - but a good recording for 26 years ago.

Obviously only part of the show, but this is the full broadcast.

Hands Of Joseph
Grande Affaire
Mr Connaughton
Clare To Here
When Did You Leave Heaven
Sweet Mystery
You Are The Star
Hiring Fair
One Balloon
Need A Hand To Hold
Barney Bodger
How Many Eggs
The Things You Wish Yourself

The Band:
Alun Davies, Dave Pegg, Graham Preskett
Jacqueline Reddin, Tim Healey