Ralph McTell, Dave Swarbrick & Simon Nicol
1983-09-09 _ London, England _ BBC Radio 2 FM __ (venue?)
"Ralph McTell and Friends" programme _ (M2?-FM)

Ralph McTell solo:
01. Ballad Of Dancing Doreen

Dave Swarbrick & Simon Nicol
02. Lord Haddo's Favourite ->
03. Lady Mary Hayes' Scotch Measure
04. -- talk --
05. After The Thrill Is Gone

Dave Swarbrick & Simon Nicol & Ralph McTell
06. The Grey Sea Strand
07. She Is Woman
08. -- talk --
09. Stranger To The Season
10. -- outro --

Total Time ::: 22:42

::: EXC FM quality with a few minor quibbles. Check samples for ear intake or give it a pass assessment.
::: Warts: Slight wavering tape effect at the start of #1. #1 has 2/3rds of a second hiss glitch. Some dropouts & dullspots weren't fixable but did what I could (most in #1). Occasional hint of radio station drift.
::: Ralph's live folk music series broadcast at 9:30 on Friday evenings.
::: (*) Intro & song "White Dress" omitted as presumably the same as Dave Swarbrick box "Swarb!" official issue, tho' that's labeled "1992 BBC Ralph McTell Show". However, I think McTell had no such 1992 BBC program & this is almost certainly the same. I didn't have it to compare.
::: Thanks to DIMER sallygr for the research assistance!

Recording Information ::: BBC Radio 1 stereo broadcast -> unknown equipment -> off air master stereo tape -> 1st generation tape -> 2nd(?) generation Maxell XLII-100 cassette, Dolby B on.

Playback 2011-08-11 ::: 2nd(?) generation Maxell XLII-100 cassette cassette on Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck, Dolby B on, azimuth & pitch adjusted, heads cleaned & demagnatized -> Tascam CD-RW900SL professional CD recorder -> CD-RW, no track splits -> computer -> EAC secure mode (logs made) -> wav file(s) -> Audacity [normalisation to remove DC offset, channel/phase alignment, fades, manual one-at-a-time glitch, bump, pop, click, dropout & dullspot repairs, volume adjustments, -1.2% averaged pitch (speed) fix with single pass after frequency analysis & with pitchpipe verification, NO equalisation] -> CD Wave (track splits) -> flacs (Trader's Little Helper) -> yr ears. First uploaded week of 2016-01-02.

Line-up ::: Ralph McTell - acoustic guitar, piano, vocals // Simon Nicol - acoustic guitar, vocals // Dave Swarbrick - violin, vocals.

Nothing here ever commercially released to my knowledge. If I'm wrong, please advise & I'll take the offending trax offline.

DimeTravel 160 ::: Thanks to the original taper & traders! ::: Corrections welcome ::: Here's a combo we have virtually nothing by. Good friends but rarely together as a trio on stage. Simon sticks his neck out & plays "She Is Woman" - live on the BBC! Overall a very nice listen. We hope many more of these "Ralph McTell and Friends" shows will surface - certainly they were all well taped! However, as best as I can remember the last one to be DIMED was one I put up several years ago, but let's hope. This one is EXC. Listen, enjoy, show appreciation, share, give, spread peace. Yrs truly, Knees

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