Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys
June 18, 1998 evening set
23rd Annual California Bluegrass Assocication Bluegrass Festival
Grass Valley, CA

stealth soundboard recording by Easy Ed

record: soundboard > Sony PCM-501 (44.056kHz, 16 bit digital recording)

playback: Sony PCM-601esD > coax digital out (44.1kHz, 16 bit) > Sek'd Prodif Plus > Sound Forge 8 (24 bit, normalize, tracking) > 16 bit .wav files > FLAC level 8 encoding align on sector boundaries. Not burned to cdr - no EAC.

1. (sound check)
2. (introduction by MC Don Humphries)
3. Hear That Choo Choo Coming
4. I Just Think I'll Go Away
5. Soldier's Joy
6. Worried Man
7. Man Of Constant Sorrow > Little Maggie
8. Rank Stranger
9. Jesus On The Mainline
10. (title?) > Sugar Coated Love
11. Clinch Mountain Backstep
12. Katy Daly
13. Stone Walls And Steel Bars
14. Highway Of Regret
15. "Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson"
16. Folsom Prison
17. You Were Always On My Mind
18. (instrumental - title?)
19. (applause, MC)
20. Orange Blossom Special
21. The Hills Of Home

A scan of the poster for the show is included in the torrent.

This is an ocassion where my stealth recording was abruptly ended - my plugs were pulled on the second day of the festival. Fortunately my tapes were not taken, I wasn't kicked out of the festival, nobody yelled at me (but I certainly got the cold shoulder!), but I sure didn't get to do any more soundboard recording that weekend.

Cautionary notes: 1) Ralph has a young banjo player in his band who doubles Ralph banjo playing, pretty much note for note, which produces a strange effect that reminds me of phase shifting. Fortunately this is a stereo recording so there is some separation between the banjos. 2) Ralph's son sings lead vocals on many songs.

This recording was made without the knowledge or consent of Ralph Stanley or of The California Bluegrass Association.

This is not some multigenerational copy of indeterminate lineage acquired through trading that's been on everybody's tapelist for years. This is straight from the person who recorded it- me!

Ralph Stanley has about sixty million cds out, including a live one from 2001, and there's bound to be some you'd like, so maybe you'll want to buy some! His website is www.drralphstanley.com