Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys
Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania USA
soundboard tape, unknown taper and 2005 seeder

July 2016 reseed by zootype:
FLAC files renamed with a few repairs
and minor retracking.

33:53 minutes


01 I Hear a Cuckoo Coming 2:45
02 Your Worries and Troubles are Mine 2:37
03 Hemlock and Primroses 3:14
04 Nobody's Love is Like Mine 2:36
05 Why Me Ralph 3:51
06 Sitting on Top of the World 4:43
07 Amazing Grace 4:12
08 A Man of Constant Sorrow 3:05
09 Star of Bethlehem 4:10
10 Travellin' the Highway Home 2:34


SB Cassette>CDWAVE>FLAC > 2005 seed

FLAC files renamed with a few repairs [clicks]
and retracking [tracks 05 and 06],
no EQ or other processing applied;
new FLAC-8 files and checksum files created
and this info file revised;
original info file included.

Thanks again to the taper
and original seeder for this recording.

a zootype reseed July 2016