Ralph Stanley with Roy Lee Centers
March 28, 1971

1. Stone Walls And Steel Bars
2. Helmlocks And Primroses
3. Man Of Constant Sorrow
4. Carolina Mountain Home
5. I Just Got Wise
6. The Lonesome River
7. Black Mountain Blues
8. Rank Strangers
9. Working on A Building
10. Old Time Pickin'
11. Little Birdie
12. John Henry
13. Sharecropper's Son
14. Sweet Sally Brown
15. Let's Go To The Fair
16. Dark Hollow (my favorite Dark Hollow ever)
17. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
18. Poison Love
19. Let Me Love You One More Time
20. Little Glass of Wine with Fred Bartenstein
21. End of Set
22. Think of What You've Done
23. If I Loose

This concert was held at the Harvard Freshman Union in what was a lot like a giant living room. Sofas were moved out of the way, folding chairs set up, and a temporary stage platform provided, an intimate setting to experience a wonderful band.

Only five years after Carter died, Ralph had succeeded in developing a band that represents a high point in Bluegrass history.

A 5-inch battery powered reel to reel tape recorder was used for these recordings.

I hope that in spite of technical flaws in sound quality you can still experience some of the wonderful qualities of this performance.

On Man of Constant Sorrow there is a large bad place early in the song.

On some of the cuts you can hear the voice of Ross Whittier talking to me, He played bass for the Lilly Brothers

The announcer is Fred Bartenstein