Ralph Towner
Adelaide International Guitar Festival
Festival Theatre
Adelaide, Australia
Nov 28th 2007

Sony d6 Maxell xls 11 tape.> Coresound Binaurals- MId range > 2000 - Sony d6 playback to Mac Dual core G5 via line in > soundtrack 16 ,( file splitting )> 2013 >mac pro > import as 16 bit wav files from master CD > adobe audition ( amplification , lower some frequencies via spectral editing , minor eq )> xact flac transfer
recorded. mastered,transferred by GGB

01. ?
02.Solitary Woman
03.Jamaica Stopover
04.Green And Golden
05.The Lizards of Eraclea
06.Goodbye, Pork-Pie Hat
08.Untitled �( song was only a week old !)

Headlined as part of a bill with Wolfgang Muthspeil and Martin Taylor

I recorded Ralph 3 times between 2005 and 2008 and never really nailed it, this is as close as I came to getting a good recording. Its about an A- B+ . The trouble with Ralph in stealth mode is his dynamic range is very wide and a average quality mic without a pre amp just can't cope with the range of highs and lows , turn it up and the loud notes distort , turn it down and it all sounds distant. So this mix is a compromise mix, one or two notes are a bit too loud but overall there is far more presence.
Ralph headlined,with Wolfgang Muthspiel and Martin Taylor , who is ok, but when compared to Ralph, his material and technique pales to insignificance. However, he was loved by the crowd as he was easy to listen to and during Ralph's set a few patrons upped and left, which was distracting. The organisers treated Ralph pretty badly,he played a very short set and at the end he didn't even get to take a bow . When he came onstage to acknowledge applause they turned the lights off on him as they needed to clear the hall to set up the wahbar in the foyer. He'd flown from Italy to play for about 40 minutes! What cheapskates !