Ramblin' Jack Elliott
The Cactus Cafe
Austin, TX

October 14, 2005

Amongst a bunch of Adam Carroll recordings Joshua sent me was this recording. Till now it
has not circulated.
I'm sure many people will appreciate this show. I am one of them.

Unfortunately during the first set starting with track 11 noise in the equipment was introduced.
I don't know what happened (loose cable or connector, perhaps Joshua remembers). At first it's not
too bad, but gradually it worsens.
However since this is unique material I didn't want to withhold this recording. Moreover
it's a very long show, so there's plenty left to make the download very worth it and a sooundboard
to boot.
Perhaps somebody with good editing skills can reduce the noise.

Whatever it was, it was gone the second set.


Source: Soundboard-> SonyRCD-W3-> CD-> WAV
Taped by Joshua Cain

Set One (01:11:52, without tracks 11-16 42:05)
1. Introduction & false start
2. Talking With My Baby
3. Ramblin'
4. Train Time
5. Ramblin'
6. South Coast <Lillian Bos Ross>
7. Ramblin'
8. 1913 Massacre <Woody Guthrie>
9. Ramblin'
10. The Coo Coo <Clarence Ashley>
11. Ramblin'
12. Rake & A Ramblin� Boy
13. Ramblin'
14. If I Were A Carpenter <Tim Hardin>
15. Ramblin'
16. Friend Of The Devil <Jerry Garcia>

Set Two (01:23:11)
1. Second introduction
2. Yankee Clipper
3. Ramblin
4. Lovesick Blues <Cliff Friend/Irving Mills>
5. Ramblin'
6. Skyball Paint
7. Lily That Grows
8. Ramblin'
9. Salt Pork, WV
10. Ramblin'
11. Abandoned Love <snippet> < Bob Dylan> *
12. Jim talks *
13. Mystic Journey *
14. Jim talks
15. It�s All Over Now, Baby Blue <Bob Dylan> *
16. Jim talks and RJE returns to the stage
17. I�ll Be Your Baby Tonight <Bob Dylan>
18. Ramblin'
19. I�ll Be Your Baby Tonight <Bob Dylan>
20. Ramblin'
21. Song intro
22. First Line Of Fire
23. Ramblin'
24. Dance Of The Jawbones
25. Ramblin'
26. Walkin� The Floor Over You
27. Thank you
28. Don�t Think Twice, It�s Alright <Bob Dylan>

* Jim Rider

Note: Adam Carroll opened the show and was recorded as well.