The Rambling Boys

Dick Gaughan, Brian McNeill, Archie Fisher, Tom Paxton, Gibb Todd, Roy Bailey, John Herald

Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
31st January 2003

"Celtic Connections" Festival


Gibb Todd
1. Come All ye Fair and Tender Ladies
2. Intro

Archie Fisher
3. The Shipyard Apprentice / Yonder Banks
4. Bonnie Border Lass
5. My Own Sweet Marie
6. Half a World Away
7. Intro

Roy Bailey
8. Beeswing
9. An Odd Kind of Ultimatum
10. Vic Williams
11. Song of the Birds
12. Intro

Brian McNeill
13. The Yew Tree
14. The Devil's Only Daughter
15. Intro

Dick Gaughan
16. Shipwreck
17. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

Dick Gaughan & Brian McNeill
18. The Baltic Tae Byzantium
19. No Gods and Precious Few Heroes


John Herald
1. Here Comes Jack
2. Intro

Tom Paxton
3. Bottle of Wine
4. John Ashcroft and "The Spirit of Justice"
5. Looking for the Moon
6. This is my River
7. Katie
8. Me and a Couple of Angels
9. The Bravest

Assemble - Tribute to Lonnie Donnegan
10. Bring Me a Little Water, Sylvie
11. Midnight Special
12. Rock Island Line

Tom Paxton
13. Last Thing on My Mind

Roy Bailey
14. Song for David

Brian McNeill
15. Falkirk Tryst

John Heralt
16. Dark as a Dungeon

Dick Gaughan
17. It's Good to See You

Gibb Todd
18. Goin' Home

Archie Fisher
19. Rolling Home

Tom Paxton
20. Ramblin' Boy

I post this for its relative rarity and would like to thank the donator who wishes to remain anonymous.

The original taper (not the donor) has obviously pressed "pause" at the end of each song, so almost all applause has been cut. The transitions were therefore very sudden so I've applied fades and track separation (not to be confused with 2 second TAO gaps).

The recording is by no means perfect. There are bumps and squeaking chairs during intros, but the music is intact and the crowd well behaved. There is one significant problem with the final track, which I associate with a bad burn somewhere along the line.

Lots of comings and goings on stage, so I've probably not quite got the combinations (or the song titles) right. After the Tom Paxton set I'd say most of the artists are on stage and I've just listed the main performer.

Copy of extract from the programme included.

Lineage: MD > (Transfer ??) > CDR.

CDR copy > EAC > Soundforge (edits).