Ramonesforever.Com Presents....20 Years Of Ramones Live Recordings 1976-1996.

During The Next 20 Weeks I Will Be Uploading One Ramones Concert From Each Year Starting From 1976. I Will Continue To Upload Each Saturday Until I Reach Their Final Year Of 1996. If This Is A Hit, Then Perhaps I Can Upload More Frequently. I Am Only Uploading Ramones Audio Recordings, I Will Not Upload Any Solo Performances Or Dvd Recordings.

I Have A Large Collection Of Over 1300 Live Ramones Recordings On Cd & Dvd. I Have Spent Many Years And A Lot Of Money (Media & Postage) Trading For These Recordings. I Have Received These Trades From People From All Over The World Including: Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, Finland And Usa.

Yes...The Ramones Did Start In 1974, But There Are Not That Many Recordings From The First Two Years.

Most Ramones Recordings Out There Are One Or Two Tracks. I Have No Idea Why This Is The Case. I Have Remastered Most Of My Recordings To Correct Any Problems, Normalize Levels, Fade In/Out Etc. I Have Transferred Over 200 Recordings Directly From Analog Tapes. Most Of The Ramones Recordings Do Not Have Exact Details On Generations.

Equipment & Software Used For Editing And/Or Transfering:
Hp Media Center Pc M7170N With Intel High Definition Audio
Kenwood Kx-W896 Cassette Deck
Adobe Audition 2.0
Cd Wave Audio Editor Version 1.9 - Beta

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Recording/Torrent Information

Date: 02-08-77
Location: Dover, Nj
Venue: The Show Place
Source (Aud, Sbd, Fm): Aud
Lineage: Unknown Tape Recorder>Unknown Generation Tape>Tape Conversion To Wav File>Cd>Flac>Dime
Duration: 27:51
Complete: No
Taper: Unknown
Remastered: By Ramonesforever.Com
Frequency Analysis: Included

01. Blitzkrieg Bop
02. I Remember You
03. Glad To See You Go
04. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
05. You're Gonna Kill That Girl
06. I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
07. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
08. Swallow My Pride
09. Carbona Not Glue
10. 53Rd &3Rd
11. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
12. Suzy Is A Headbanger
13. Let's Dance

Important Information/Rules:
Important Information/Rules:
Important Information/Rules:
- Do Not Sell...Only Trade These Bitches!
- Do Not Convert To Any Mp3 Or Other Crappy Lossy Formats.
- Do Not Post The Files On Any Messageboard Or Your Website. A Few Members On The Ramones Messageboard Are Downloading From Here And Posting As Mp3 Files. I Will Let The People On The Messageboard Know That These Are Available On The Dime. This Is My Project And I Don't Want Others Taking My Credit.

Violation Of Any Of The Above, Will Result In Me Pulling The Plug On This Project. Therefore Let's Keep This Fun And 1-2-3-4! If You Don't Approve Of My Rules, Then Don't Download These Files And Don't Complain. I Understand That I Can't Control What People Do With The Recordings, But I Can Control This Project!!!

Any Covers? Nopes, Get Some Crayons And Color Your Heart Out!
Any Samples? Nopes, Download This Bitch And Then Make Your Own Sample!

Thanks Kids!
Ramonesforever.Com / Gaston1234

Long Live Joey, Dee Dee & Johnny Ramone!