Chicago, Illinois

Aragon Ballroom

Oct. 22 1977

Recorded on a small mono cassette recorder with
built-in mic.

Master cassette>Tascam130>ProToolsLE>wav>flac

01. Loudmouth
02. Beat On The Brat
03. Blitzkrieg Bop
04. I Remember You
05. Glad To See You Go
06. Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment
07. You're Gonna Kill That Girl
08. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
09. Rockaway Beach
10. Commando
11. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
12. Surfin' Bird
13. Cretin Hop
14. Listen To My Heart
15. California Sun
16. I Don't Want To Walk Around With You
17. Pinhead
18. Let's Dance
19. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World

This was my first time seeing The Ramones.
America's greatest Rock & Roll Band!!

There were three bands that night.
The opening band was not recorded, although looking
back I kind of wish I had.
They were a band called The Godz.
They didn't go over too well with The Aragon crowd.
In fact there was nearly a riot.
At one point one of the guys in the band said something about
"I just got out of prison and in there 'punk' means something else".
That was when stuff started flying through the air at the stage.
They were performing in a blizzard of debris being thrown at them
and the boos nearly drowned out their music. It was a hoot.

Oh, then there was the third act that night: Iggy Pop.

Stay tuned.