The Ramones
Glasgow Scotland

Disc : 1/1

01 Intro / Durango 95
02 Teenage Labotomy
03 Psycho Therapy
04 Blitzkreig Bop
05 Rock'n'Roll Radio
06 Danger Zone
07 Gimme Shock Treatment
08 Rock'n'Roll Highschool
09 I Wanna Be Sedated
10 Beat On The Brat
11 KKK Took My Baby Away
12 Commando
13 Jackie Is A Punk
14 Suzie Is A Headbanger
15 Lets Dance
16 53rd & 3Rd
17 Too Tough To Die
18 Chinese Rocks
19 WartHog
20 Rockaway Beach
21 Surfin' Bird
22 Cretin Hop
23 California Sun
24 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
25 Pinhead
26 Mama's Boy
27 The Hightest Trails Above
28 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
29 I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
30 We're a Happy Family

Total time 58min 40 sec.

***Direct from the master tape***

Another one from the Manattheback Masters archive. This has never previously been circulated digitally direct from the master tape.

Recording info;

Aiwa TPS-30/CM-30 mic/TDK AD90 by manattheback

Transfer info;

NAK BX300E/Genexxa (realtime) EQ/Pioneer PDR-509/Maxell CD-R XLII-80/DBpoweramp (flac level8)/TLH checksum
Minor EQ added to boost the bass and level the channels. Fading added beginning /end, at tape flip and encore button clicks.

A cracking gig this was, at a time when they were pretty much at the top of their game - and also celebrating their 11th birthday on the night.

Not much more needs to be said about it, but here's a quote from Lyndsay Hutton (Next Big Thing fanzine and one time Cramps official fanzine editor)
on hearing of the death of Joey in 2001 "The Ramones were our Beatles, without them you would never had half the bands that now exist. Possibly
one of the best Ramones gigs was at the Barrowland on 28th June 1985. It was immense"



MATB 7th June 2011