Julu 22, 1986
Newport Music Hall
Columbus, Ohio

GE recorder with built-in microphone
Tape = TDK SA
No Noise Reduction
Sound Forge 9.0 Capture to Wave, Volume Boost and Fades
CD Wave 1.98 Track Splitting on Sector Boundaries
Trader's Little Helper 2.4.0 Encode .wav to .flac & create .md5 Checksum File and Torrent
Artwork Included In The Torrent File.

This one was recorded before I got my first "real" rig. I used an old GE (I think) recorder with a built in microphone that I also used to record lectures at Ohio State. As such, it sounds pretty bad. I'm hopefull there are some die-hard Ramones collectors that can get some use out of this. It was my first Ramones show, so it was pretty special. A wonderful surprise that evening was the opening band, Nashville's Walk The West. The released one album and a live EP. If you have a chance, check them out. Walk The West later morphed into The Cactus Brothers and released two albums.

I have been recording shows since the mid 1980's. Many of these shows were traded and widely circulated on cassette tape back in the day. This effort is to create a fresh transfer of my master recordings from the original media and provide an unaltered version (except volume boost if needed and/or fade) of these shows. I will include as much information about the equipment used to create the recording, as well as the process and tools used for the transfer as I can. Enjoy!