M�nchen, Germany
09. Oktober 1987

BIbER master-series #032

Master - Audience recording from an old TDK SA C90

Recorder: Sony WM D3
Micro: AIWA CM 30

Here we have another one in a row of many upcoming masters from a friend of mine who taped hundreds of
concerts in the Stuttgart-area, the Schwabenl�ndle, Baden-W�rttemberg, Germany, Europe and maybe
the whole Universe at all. They might show up here one after another. Don't ever ask me what might come next,
but be surprised by all the music that now will see the light of DIME.

Anyway here is the master as it is on the original cassette. No corrections were made.
The sound-quality is -for its age- very good. Sounds like a typical Ramones-recording, much better then one or two of
my old masters of them. Well done, BIbER!

The Ramones in town in times when the famous Oktoberfest is taking place: hey ho, g'suffa!! After a long time this
was my first Ramones concert listening to and I still could speak all the intros with them. Lotta fun!

Cover and Label Artwork for this show is included.

Setlist: (help us out with it, commando hg!!)


Dee Dee
Marky (or Richie?? - help us out)

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Bob 'til you drop
Do not sell. Just listen and enjoy!!

And -of course- a big thanks to the original-taper: thank you, BIbER!!!!!

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