D?sseldorf, Germany
28. November 1991


minimax master-series #196

Master - Audience recording from my old TDK-Sa C-90 Tapes

My Artwork is included !! See below

This concert I taped with my SONY Professional WM D6 walkman extra stereo-microphone
(I can't remember what microphone it was).

This concert I recorded from the left side sitting in a sort of a cage
(a podest for an old filmprojector) just to save me from the pogo-mob.
It was about 8 meters from the stage.
The sound quality is vg+, perhaps better for a Ramones-concert. It has the typical Ramones-in-concert-

It was not announced as a Ramones-Concert but everybody knew it would be one.
So it was completely sold out.

The guys were introduced by CAMPINO, lead-singer of the famous german band "Die Toten Hosen".


01 Announcement by Campino
02 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
03 Durango 95
04 Teenage Lobotomy
05 Psycho Therapy
06 Blitzkrieg Bop
07 Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll Radio?
08 I Believe In Miracles
09 Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
10 Rock'n'Roll High School
11 I Wanna Be Sedated
12 The KKK Took My Baby Away
13 I Wanna Live
14 Bonzo Goes To Bitburg
15 Commando
16 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
17 Rockaway Beach
18 Pet Cemetary
19 I Wanna Be Well
20 Too Tough To Die
21 Mama's Boy
22 Animal Boy
23 Wart Hog
24 Surfin' Bird
25 Cretin Hop
26 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
27 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
28 Pinhead
29 Chinese Rock
30 Somebody Put Something In My Drink
31 We're A Happy Family
32 Punishment Fits The Crime
33 Beat On The Brat
34 Judy Is A Punk

Support this band forever!!
Buy all their stuff on vinyl
Never ever buy any Ramones-T-Shirt at a H&M-store worldwide!!
Do not sell. For trading only. ..and perhaps for fun!

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