Alsdorf, Germany
Bizarre Festival
27. Juni 1992

1st copy from Master


Just cleaning up some boxes with unknown stuff I found this old gig - recorded years and years ago
by an old friend of mine.
A real special one - as you all might know.
This is definitely a unique concert. C.J. was in a motorcycle accident,
so they gave him anesthesia and he played the first few songs with a broken arm.
Joey mentions what happened at the end when C.J. gets rushed to the hospital.

Artwork is included.

Setlist: (and more infos taken from the Ramones dl sector at blogspot)

-Intro (The good, the bad and the ugly)
-Durango 95
-Teenage Lobotomy
-Psycho Therapy
-Blitzkrieg Bop
-Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio? (With Aborted Start)
-I Believe In Miracles
-Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment (Aborted; C.J. Taken To Hospital)
-Announcements by the "promoter" & Word From Joey

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And (as usual) never ever buy any Ramones-shirt at a H&M-shop!!!

Do not sell. Just listen and enjoy!!

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