Oosterpoort (grote zaal), Groningen, The Netherlands
December 10, 1992

15th Anniversary Seed ...

Source: Audience recording
Lineage: ? > CD-R > CD-R > EAC v0.95b4 (logfile included) > FLAC v1.1.2 as build in Traders Little Helper v1.1.1 (build 90).

01. Intro
02. Durango 95
03. Teenage Lobotomy
04. Psycho Therapy
05. Blitzkrieg Bop
06. Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?
07. I Believe In Miracles
08. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
09. Rock 'N' Roll High School
10. I Wanna Be Sedated
11. Censorshit
12. I Wanna Live
13. Bonzo Goes To Bitburg
14. Tomorrow She Goes Away
15. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
16. Rockaway Beach
17. Pet Sematary
18. I Wanna Be Well
19. Glad To See You Go
20. Take It As It Comes
21. Somebody Put Something In My Drink
22. Commando
23. Wart Hog
24. Cretin Hop
25. Judy Is A Punk
26. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
27. Pinhead
28. Poison Heart
29. Chinese Rock
30. We're A Happy Family
31. Strength To Endure
32. Beat On The Brat
33. Listen To My Heart

Total running time: 72 minutes and 30 seconds.

Another 'tape' from the Magnix Live Archive.

Received this on CD-R in a trade a couple of years ago (thanks again HZ). Unfortunately I do not know the exact lineage of the disc or what equipment was used (see above). It however is a pretty good and very listenable audience recording. The main reason for me to seed this is that this show took place exactly 15 years ago, and I was there! My second Ramones live experience out of 5 between June 1988 and January 1996, but the only one of which I have a recording. Since recordings of the other shows would be really appreciated, here are the shows I attended besides the one now seeded:

June 10, 1988 - Oosterpoort, Groningen
October 16, 1994 - Nighttown, Rotterdam
July 10, 1995 - Paradiso, Amsterdam (it was so hot that day and night, that it even made Joey take of his leather jacket!)
January 31, 1996 - Paradiso, Amsterdam

I really miss this band!

Magnix, December 10, 2007.