Hi buddies, Leo "Tucano Ramone" here...
Haven't sent something for ages, but this time I bring you some nice stuff from Argentina.
It came from a master tape gently recorded and given in by my friend Ignacio aka Nacho Ramone.
Hope you all enjoy it and share it as much as you can.

And hope more masters come to DIME soon.

GABBA GABBA HEY, you Pinheads!

Source: 1995-10-05 Argentina Buenos Aires Obras Stadium FM>TAPE MASTER>HITACHI J5 CASSETE PLAYER>SOUNDBLASTER 16BIT>WAVE>SOUDFORGE>CDR>Foobar2000>FLAC Frontend


01- Intro (Rock N' Pop Radio)
02- Durango 95
03- Teenage Lobotomy
04- Psycho Therapy
05- Blitzkrieg Bop
06- Do You Remember Rock N' Roll Radio?
07- I Believe In Miracles
08- Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
09- Rock N' Roll High School
10- I Wanna Be Sedated
11- Have You Ever Seen The Rain
12- The KKK Took My Baby Away
13- I Don't Want To Grow Up
14- Commando
15- Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
16- Rockaway Beach
17- Pet Sematary
18- Main Man
19- Cretin Family
20- Take It As It Comes
21- Somebody Put Something In My Dring
22- 7 and 7 is
23- Wart Hog
24- Cretin Hop
25- I Lost My Mind
26- Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
27- Pinhead
28- The Crusher
29- Poison Heart
30- We're A Happy Family
31- My Back Pages
32- Chinese Rocks
33- Beat On The Brat
34- Ending (Rock N' Pop Radio)

92e748fc28f6f13c52e1b4613130b86e *CD Track 01.flac
597adeb46eceb8fe0e60686259c94226 *CD Track 02.flac
a0be175889285caec49371cb7d366689 *CD Track 03.flac
b9634b0c2b9ceda9eca5bb23d0303e3a *CD Track 04.flac
86d1abcfec0bba6f902683dbe1f44863 *CD Track 05.flac
c94c5d21a28b8b42860f68be5485173d *CD Track 06.flac
652fbc370db9bf0ffda00e82a9682a95 *CD Track 07.flac
12cd1dd9e92fab2a093a928fdc38af0c *CD Track 08.flac
720af21069502e747f4a8809fcf32ff7 *CD Track 09.flac
cd193f21a607b54e7118f413dc932986 *CD Track 10.flac
2589f86347c57573da7107fa89743d35 *CD Track 11.flac
feff55fe9be6fb459e7b8ce39e33bda2 *CD Track 12.flac
e4043629f4cc1ce14c6b83b81334e47d *CD Track 13.flac
c62f1eed1bb1c4e980779ad44a5a7ba9 *CD Track 14.flac
553d09ef8cbdfc5e9ed3d1ed2d0f0091 *CD Track 15.flac
1dde26bf5689f6216dec0aa93dfdb935 *CD Track 16.flac
201b018fd491f9b145e016820d5bd8a1 *CD Track 17.flac
420a940d88736fb7a68e9caaac9e881f *CD Track 18.flac
3737f6b56d614da9d9aea0d0c6d8ec2f *CD Track 19.flac
a36e4490e6178be7ae1466c4b55162ad *CD Track 20.flac
8697637fc021c6f6da8022b072575919 *CD Track 21.flac
e76df6fc6e90ad0b3c586fe0b590e91e *CD Track 22.flac
67a31edc186d747de5b311b16cbe038a *CD Track 23.flac
9825b447c932c1e225502cf4a92d7194 *CD Track 24.flac
58af9ed90452c92b17cc4d1563c87924 *CD Track 25.flac
710568545ffbc8856c562f33b2a7103a *CD Track 26.flac
0df881b1af265b4b9602d742b1f478e8 *CD Track 27.flac
64d75ba27bbc61e5a0f8fd6ea0352784 *CD Track 28.flac
4f9e4516c85333ea44976cf6bc0e62aa *CD Track 29.flac
b3b9b350609e407ee31b5bcc2eafe6f0 *CD Track 30.flac
e25e134198ae653f4f362be466aa785d *CD Track 31.flac
5bca69c0f6eff3444423480fd91a3e9e *CD Track 32.flac
a44b7bef74977f0de6319958f433a52c *CD Track 33.flac
7f8c62d10a627fa3c01a2d82e4ebff09 *CD Track 34.flac
24ac028d7e80dde307f6b805b0b3e0a2 *Ramones - Buenos Aires at Obras Stadium - 1995.10.05.txt