After the Bobby Watson 'Horizon' quintet the Randy Brecker Quintet performed a delightful show in Nora (Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy) on October 26th, 2000.
I had the CD from a friend of mine, I was told that the source was the same of the 'Horizon' concert (SBD) and listening to the disc I agree completely.
This is the lineup:

Randy Brecker, trumpet & flugelhorn
Bob Berg, tenor & soprano saxophone
Kevin Hays, piano
Doug Weiss, acoustic bass
Adam Nussbaum, drums


1) Unknown tune (11' 33'')
2) The Sleaze Factor (7' 55'')
3) Gray Area (11' 08'')
4) Unknown tune (9' 28'')

If anybody knows the missing titles and posts them as comment will do an appreciated gift.
The night was full of GREAT music and the bands were on fire.