Artist: Randy Hansen
Date: March 30, 1996
Venue: Electric Factory
City: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Band lineup:
Randy Hansen - Guitar, Vocals
? - Bass, Vocals
? - Drums

Source: Soundboard
Taped by: Slipkid
Gear info: Soundboard --> Sony DAT D7 @48kHz

Mastered by: Slipkid
Mastering info: Tascam DAT Da20MkII --> EGOSYSWAVETERMINAL2496 (convert to 44.1kHz) --> Cooledit2000 (raise levels) --> WAVs

Tracksplits done with CDWAV from CD cuesheets on sector boundaries

Artwork: Included in torrent.


Disc One - 53:50
1. We Gotta Live Together
2. Fire/Sunshine Of Your Love
3. I Don't Live Today
4. Are You Experienced
5. Spanish Castle Magic
6. Wind Cries Mary
7. Castles Made Of Sand
8. Axis: Bold As Love

Disc Two - 57:01
1. Who Knows
2. All Along The Watchtower
3. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
4. Machine Gun
5. Foxey Lady
6. Purple Haze


I taped this show back in 1996 but didn't get around to mastering it to CDR until about 2006. If I remember right there was some slight diginoise at either the beginning or end of the tape which I edited out (or some still may be audible, I don't recall). A pretty good soundboard recording with good balance of instruments and vocals thanks to the soundman. He was also running a tape for the drummer too!

The show wasn't very well attended, probably the most empty I've ever seen the Electric Factory. Humble Pie was the opener but without anyone notable in the band except the drummer I thought they would suck, but I was wrong - they were GREAT!

A funny story - I was basically all alone standing in front of the stage for Pie's set and after a song or two decided it was worth taping them so I headed back to the bathroom to get my gear setup. Then I bought a bottle of H2O at the bar and headed back up front. After about 5 minutes of taping Pie, standing right up front, my mics hanging on my eyeglasses, my deck tucked in a fanny pack under my shirt, I felt a big paw on my shoulder. Turned around to see a huge bouncer with a "I've got you now kind of smile" looking at me, not letting go of my shoulder. I had nowhere to run, nothing I could do, the place was empty, so I just stood there with a "Yes? What can I do for you?" look. The bouncer leaned in close to me, put forth his other paw and said something like "let me see your bottle of water". I never heard that one before. Too shocked to do or say anything I handed him my water bottle. He gave a big smile again and slowly and very dramatically unscrewed the cap, held the bottle up to his nose, and took a deep breath. Like he was sniffing to see if I was smuggling in alcohol or something?????? Wtf? He then put the cap back on the bottle, handed it to me and walked away. Definitely the strangest bouncer encounter I've ever had. I continued to tape Pie but I was pretty paranoid, thinking maybe he had seen my mics and just wanted to mess with me to see what I would do. After Pie's set I walked around and realized that the soundman was someone I knew, so for Randy's set I just gave him my deck and he taped it from the board for me, helping me avoid other bouncer encounters the rest of the night.

Another thing to mention about this show. I think this was Randy's first trip back to the Philly area since he played at the Tower Theater for 2 shows back in the late 70's. The first of those shows was a huge success with him playing his entire Hendrix set, with all kinds of crazy things happening (coming down into the crowd, wailing on guitar while standing on top of the armrests of chairs while people stared up in amazement, smoking pot with audience members and not missing a note) making it one of the most amazing concerts I ever saw. Seeing that show we thought that Jimi's spirit was there possessing all of us including the brilliant guitar madman on stage. But when he came back to the Tower about 6 months later he pissed everyone off and damn near started a riot. The crowd was psyched up for another awesome Jimi show but after a couple songs Randy pulled off his Jimi wig and said something like "I've got my own songs too and that's what I'm going to do now". I remember the audience booing their heads off for the rest of that show. My friends who came to that second show after hearing about how the first one was basically the reincarnation of Jimi were majorly pissed and felt they had been cheated!!!!! I think Randy makes reference to those Tower shows here, yelling out "TOWER THEATER" a couple times plus (if I remember right - it's been a long time since I listened to this) even mentioning how there was a mini-riot going on with cars being overturned after the show or something like that. The thing was though, if there was any rioting at the second Tower show, it wasn't because the crowd was going crazy because they were happy. It was because they thought they were getting a return Jimi Hendrix tribute show but they didn't get that and they were looking to take their anger out on something. All that being said I am a huge Randy fan and like his own music too, but when a show is billed as "Jimi Hendrix" tribute, you better play Jimi or a riot is what you'll probably get!!



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CD2\hansen efact 3-30-96 cd206.flac:083d38e2d64200e33ee445bcc200812d