Randy Newman
Constitution Hall
Washington, D.C.
May 16, 1976
(previously uncirculated)

source: audience (unknown model cassette recorder w/ built in mic)
transfer from master cassette
taper: jungledave
transfer: jungledave

01. Paroles de a wedding in Cherokee county.
02. You can leave your hat on
03. He gives us all his love
04. Dayton, Ohio 1903
05. Sigmund Freud�s impersonation of Albert Einstein
06. Birmingham
07. Rednecks
08. Marie
09. My old Kentucky home
10. Lover�s prayer
11. Kingfish
12. Guilty
13. Political science
14. Linda
15. Simon Smith and the amazing dancing bear
16. God�s song
17. Sail Away
18. Louisiana
19. Lonely at the top
20. Davy the fat boy
21. Suzanne

Taper�s Notes:
Hide-the-recorder muffling mars parts of several tracks.