Randy Newman - Hard to sing in a flat country
Concertgebouw, Haarlem, Netherlands
February 22, 1983

Here is a nice and clean FM capture of Randy Newman from another cassette in the collection of Hans de Vente. It was recorded during the tour for the album Trouble in Paradise.

This is a solo performance, nothing here but piano, singer and audience. It is full of great songs and sarcastic asides, and there are some nice performances too (despite his own comments). There's even tender moments, such as In Germay before the war, which he introduces in a rather offhand way with the remark "This is a song about a murder". His stream of remarks make for a show of their own, from the somewhat ambivalent attempt to thank the people who helped him on tour to the gracious offer to the Dutch audience to explain what a mountain is.

I created fade-ins and fade-outs where necessary. Towards the encore songs there are more breaks, because applause was cut and there were the usual radio interruptions. I am not sure if this is the complete concert, but there can't be much missing. I added some very simple artwork; please feel free to make something better. Hope you enjoy it, it's a great sounding 90 minutes of Randy Newman playing most of his best stuff.

01.Last night I had a dream
02.Yellow man
04.Simon Smith and the amazing dancing bear
05.Burn on
06.Real emotional girl
07.Christmas in Capetown
08.Change your way
09.Short people
10.Sigmund Freud's impersonation of Albert Einstein in America
11.In Germany before the war
13.I love L.A.
15.Jolly coppers on parade
16.The blues
17.The girls in my life
18.Rednecks (fades in)
19.Sail away
21.My life is good
22.God's song
23.Rider in the rain
24.Old Kentucky home
25.I think it's going to rain today
26.Lonely at the top
27.Davy the fat boy
28.It's money that I love
29.Same girl
30.Linda (fades out)
31.Lover's prayer
32.Living without you
34.Mama told me not to come
35.Dayton Ohio 1903

Lineage: FM broadcast > TDK master cassette Hans de Vente > Nakamichi Dragon tapedeck > Audacity > Wav 44/16.

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