Randy Newman
Solo Show
Convocation Hall Toronto ON

Set 1

T01 It's Money That I Love
T02 Mama Told Me Not To Come
T03 Living Without You
T04 Short People
T05 Birmingham
T06 Marie
T07 Talk
T08 Girls of My Life Pt.1
T09 Talk - Children
T10 The World Isn't Fair
T11 I Miss You
T12 Red Bandana
T13 I'll Never Get Over Losing You
T14 In Defence of My Country
T15 Leave Your Hat On
T16 Talk
T17 I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It)
T18 Political Science

Set 2

T01 Last Night I Had A Dream
T02 Great Nations of Europe
T03 In Germany Before the War
T04 Baltimore
T05 Talk - Pixar
T06 You've Got A Friend In Me
T07 Land of Dreams
T08 My Life Is Good
T09 Dixie Flyer
T10 Emotional Girl
T11 Talk - Maddox
T12 Rednecks
T13 Louisiana (1927)
T14 Guilty
T15 Talk
T16 Shame Shame Shame
T17 I Love LA
T18 I Think It's Gonna Rain
T19 audience
T20 Sail Away
T21 Feels Like Home