Randy Newman
Friday, February 19, 2010
Royce Hall – Auditorium
Los Angeles, CA

Price of Admission: $65

Sony PCM-D50 (internal mics) > WAV > FLAC > Dime > you > tu madre

01. Intro
02. Last Night I Had a Dream
03. Mama Told Me Not to Come
04. Living Without You
05. Short People
06. Birmingham
07. Harps and Angels
08. Marie
09. Girls in My Life
10. The World Isn’t Fair
11. Losing You
12. You Can Leave Your Hat on (Tom Jones Cover)
13. A Few Words in Defense of My Country
14. A Wedding in Cherokee County
15. Great Nations of Europe
16. Cowboy (aborted)
17. Rednecks
19. Same Girl
20. Political Science
-- Intermission --
21. It’s Money That I Love
22. Love Story (You and Me)
23. In Germany Before the War
24. Baltimore
25. Laugh and be Happy
26. I Love to See You Smile
27. Down in New Orleans
28. I’ll be Home
29. Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear
30. Intro to I’m Dead
31. I’m Dead
32. You’ve Got a Friend in Me
33. Potholes
34. Dixie Flyer
35. Louisiana 1927
36. Burn on
37. Guilty
38. Sail Away
39. I Think It's Going to Rain Today
-- Encore --
40. I Love L.A.
41. Feels Like Home

Total running time: minutes 109 and 27 seconds

Okay recording. Randy botched a number of songs (three clams in “I Love L.A.” alone!), but the song selection was impressive (note he played many requests from the first set during the second set) and his voice sounded endearingly fragile. Celebrities spotted at this show: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (with her former “Saturday Night Live” cast mate/husband in tow), Eli Roth, Eric Idle and the gal who played Maeby on “Arrested Development.” Let’s just say I enjoyed the show and leave it at that.


With regards to the distribution of this recording, I only ask that you try real hard not to spread it around as MP3 files; otherwise, do what thou wilt.

Recorded by Joseph Larkin.