Randy Newman 2011-03-09 Boulder Theater

Randy Newman, solo, Steinway Grand piano
Boulder Theater, Boulder, Colorado 2011-03-09

This recording is incomplete. Approximately the first 20-30 min of show are missing.

source: Core Sound binaurals w/ bass roll-off > Sony D100 (@44.1kHz), recorded from far left side of balcony about 5 rows back

transfer: Sony D100 > 7 pin digital audio coaxial cable > emu 0404 sound card > Wavelab Lite (fade in/out, tweaks, no eq or compression) > CD Wave (tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (flac level 6, align on sector boundaries) > flac, ffp

known flaws: first minute or so plagued with sounds associated with taper's arrival first to back of theater and then heading up the stairs in lobby with minor zipper rattling sounds to gain final position; first 10 seconds and then from approx. 32 sec to 37 sec of track 2 contain annoying mic adjustment sounds; track 5 at approx. 6:02 contains sound of beer bottle slamming into nearby trash can

set 1
01 The World Isn't Fair (starts in middle)
02 I Miss You
03 You Can Leave Your Hat On
04 Great Nations of Europe
05 Harps and Angels
06 I'm Dead But I Don't Know It
07 Losing You
08 Political Science
TRT set 1 / disc 1: 27:59

set 2
09 Last Night I Had A Dream (first few seconds missing at start)
10 My Life Is Good
11 In Germany Before The War
12 Baltimore
13 You've Got A Friend In Me
14 Living Without You
15 Red Bandana
16 I Love To See You Smile
17 Cowboy
18 Laugh and Be Happy
19 Dixie Flyer
20 Louisiana 1927
21 Rednecks
22 Guilty
23 Shame
24 I Love LA
25 Sail Away

26 Lonely At The Top
27 Feels Like Home
TRT set 2 and encore / disc 2: 61:37

Remarks: A great and classic performance, that seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by all who witnessed.

A review and photos can be found here: http://www.heyreverb.com/2011/03/10/live-review-randy-newman-the-boulder-theater/