The Beat Featuring Rankin'Roger.
Governor Hindmarsh Hotel.Port Road Adelaide.
Intro music
Stand Down Margaret.
Too Nice to Talk To.
Doors of my Heart.
Hands Off She's Mine
Side To Side (Vocals Rankin Jnr)
Avoid the Obvious.
Faster Faster FASTER
Rock the Casbah.
Roger chats whilst mic gets changed
Monkey Murders
Tears Of A Clown.
My Dream (Vocals Rankin Jnr)
Save it for later
Can't Get Used to Losing You.
Fire Burn
Rankin Full Stop >
Mirror in the Bathroom >band personnel announcements > Mirror in the Bathroom
Enjoy Yourself (joined onstage by Pauline Black and Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson of The Selecter)

A very high energy show , with great sound and a well behaved and enthusiastic audience, very little audience noise other than sing alongs.They were there to listen thank god, not chat about what they saw on TV the night before.
About 5 metres back from PA dead centre.
SP CMC-8-25 >Sony-PCM-M10> SP battery Box> wav file 16 bit > Mac Pro> Audition using icon tools (volume adjustments,tone down applause > xact flac transfer
. recorded. mastered and transferred by GGB

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