The Rascals
"Once Upon A Dream"
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA
October 11,2013

Schoeps CCM4s->Tinybox->M10
Taper: calrust

Tapers Notes:

Even though I grew up a west coast boy, I was a huge Rascals fan. I finally had a chance to see them back on their 1988
reunion tour (without Eddie Brigati) and loved it. But seeing all four of them together was near the top of my musical
bucket list. When it was announced that the original four were reuniting for this show on Broadway in early 2013, I was
super excited and went about making plans to head to The Big Apple. Some health issues scuttled that plan but when they
announced that they were bringing the show to the west coast, I was in!

Once Upon a Dream never would have happened if it weren't for another huge Rascals fan, Little Steven Van Zandt,
guitarist with Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band. He has kept the flame lit for this under-appreciated band, inducted
them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 and through sheer will power, convinced the four to bury the hatchet and
tell their story to the rest of the world.

Thank you, Little Steven and god bless The Rascals!

Set List:

1st Set:

01. Concert Introduction
02. It`s Wonderful
03. I`ve Been Lonely Too Long
04. What Is The Reason
05. (film) Starting the Rascals
06. You Better Run
07. (film) Joey Dee & The Starlighters
08. Carry Me Back
09. (film) Starting The Band
10. Slow Down > (film) Dino Danelli > Slow Down
11. (film) Gene Cornish
12. Mickey's Monkey > (film) Gene Cornish > Turn On Your Love Light > Mickey's Monkey
13. (film) Choo Choo Club
14. Come On Up
15. (film) The Barge
16. Baby Let`s Wait
17. (film) British Invasion
18. Too Many Fish in the Sea
19. (film) Phil Spector
20. If You Knew
21. Hold On
22. (film) Meeting Burton & Sawyer
23. I Aint Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
24. (film) Ahmet's Request
25. Good Lovin

2nd Set:

01. Good Lovin reprise and 2nd act introduction
02. Love Is A Beautiful Thing
03. Groovin`
04. Do You Feel It
05. (film) The Sixties
06. Away Away
07. Its a Beautiful Morning
08. Sueno
09. Find Somebody
10. A Girl Like You
11. (film) Summer of Love and War
12. Its Love
13. How Can I Be Sure
14. (film) Segregation
15. People Got to Be Free
16. (film) Writing Songs
17. Heaven
18. (film) Breaking Up
19. A Ray of Hope
20. (film) Once Upon a Dream >
21. People Got to be Free (reprise)
22. applause and band introductions
23. See


Felix Cavaliere, Organ Piano, Vocals
Eddie Brigati, Vocals, Percussion
Dino Danelli, Drums
Gene Cornish, Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Dennis Collins, Vocals
Sharon Bryant, Vocals
Angela Clemmons, Vocals
Mark Alexander, Keyboards
Mark Prentiss, Bass