Got this tape same as the others I’ve posted, from a good friend.


*****Contrast Clause*****
This torrent differs from the one just posted already on the tracker, because they both come from different sources, this one has been treated (remixed) while the other seemed to be straight transfer. The tracklists seem to differ slightly towards the end of both tapes.


Recorded into ableton
Chain of plug-ins:
Generic Compressor > Multiband Dynamics > Limiter
No Reverb
No Dither
Tape hiss removed with audacity (light treatment)
tracked out and encoded to FLAC with xld


The Rastafarians
The Country Club, Los Angeles

friend > cass (1st gen) > player > m-audio fast track > ableton WAV > FLAC

1. Rasta Theme / Words Of Wisdom
2. Don’t Want No War (A Love We Deal Wit)
3. Seek H.I.M.
4. Occupation
5. Hold On Jah Jah Children
6. Sensemilla Skank
7. Jah’s Greatest Blessing / Ethiopian Rock