Vinnoy Park
St Petersburg Fl

( This Line-Up Featured Johnny Johnson )

Other Acts Included:
The Radiators>
Joan Osbourne>

Headliner Was Cris Isaak

Bobby Was Not…. Happy About Being On Before Isaak, He Felt He Should Have Been The Headliner

New To Circulation

Taped By: Ray De Costa
Transfered By: Ray De Costa

Source: Sonic Dsm-6P>Denon Dtr-80P

Transfer: Panasonic Sv 3700>Hhb 830 Burnit >Cd>Flac

Location: Pa Stack

Talked Sound Techs Prior To Show To Figure Out My Position And Was Told The Pa Was Running In Mono , So I Put My Earplugs In And Stood In Front Of The Pa Stacks On The Ground

Sound Is Really Good!
Certainly Worthy Of A Re-Master If Anyones Into It

Cd 1:
1 Intro>Warm Up Jam
2 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
3 Walkin Blues
4 Take Me To The River
5 Fever>Eternity>
6. Jam>Eternity
7 Kc Moan
8 Juke
9 I'm Goin Fishin'
10 Looks Like Rain
11 Easy Answers
12 Dums>Bass

Cd 2:

13 Josephine

14 One More Saturday Night

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0Dc36Fa419496230A449Bdb279953A39 *Cd1-2 Good Morning Little School Girl.Flac
Be261Cb010Cd8B25Ea34Ea8Db30Da196 *Cd1-3 Walkin' Blues.Flac
76C565Ff3D168A928B7Ce3347E3Af604 *Cd1-4 Take Me To The River.Flac
6Fd7D176F23497C8A0B381248C05500D *Cd1-5 Fever>Eternity.Flac
Db08E289F8B16Bab4F1Fdd290D4D11Ab *Cd1-6 Jam>Eternity.Flac
38211F5B27C6Ab51Ea2912365933C87F *Cd1-7 Kc Moan.Flac
503989064036Ba64Cbd67637Ba4F38F7 *Cd1-8 Juke.Flac
41C6D64E474957674Ea3C4E5Cdbb5C08 *Cd1-9 I'm Goin Fishin'.Flac
Ff160105A9788Ea2Eb578Caf21Dadcde *Cd1-10 Looks Like Rain.Flac
Aff47838B32A2Cc5A7817333E234B734 *Cd1-11 Easy Answers.Flac
62Ce0465309B1E4Fc77F8132F1E8Bab1 *Cd1-12 Drums>Bass.Flac
57935Af46436D1459Dcafa2521Bd6701 *Cd2-13 Josephine.Flac
E21C5F734Dcba21E095545A3402B6E0D *Cd2-14 One More Saturday Night.Flac