2001-12-27 (Thursday)
4th and B
San Diego, CA

SBD/AUD Matrix
[SBD+AUD > Wavelab 5.01 > CD Wave 1.94.5 > Flac 16 (level 8)]
Mixed by Ross Pezl, a.k.a. Sailorsaint420, October 2008

AKG 480 Hypers > SBM-1 > D8; ROC, right infront of SBD, ~40' from stage
Conversion: D8 > RME Digi 96/8 PST > Samplitude 2496 (48khz > 44.1 khz) > CDWav > SHN
Taped by Andrew Grimm; Patched and Converted by Jonathan Rabhan; Tracked by David Rosenberg

SBD > Dat > 7 pin coax (OADE>MONSTER) > sound devices USB Pre > sony vaio C1VP > Samplitude v5.9 > SHN
Recorded By Charlie Miller

Set I:
d1t01 Jam > Feel Like a Stranger>
d1t02 Maggie's Farm
d1t03 Youngblood
d1t04 Easy Answers
d1t05 Love Supreme Jam@>
d1t06 The Winners@>
d1t07 When I Paint My Masterpiece@>
d1t08 Bury Me Standing >
d1t09 Iko Iko

Set II:
d2t01 The In Crowd>
d2t02 Lucky Enough>
d2t03 Wrong Way Feelin'
d2t04 I Need a Miracle>
d2t05 Hell in a Bucket
d3t01 Weather Report Suite@ >
d3t02 Bass/Drums > Jam >
d3t03 Iko Iko > Keys >
d3t04 Two Djinn >
d3t05 Throwing Stones
d3t06 U.S. Blues

Show Notes:
Show with DJ Logic on turntables; DJ Logic sat out "Love Supreme Jam" through "Masterpiece"
Only ''The In Crowd''

Source Notes:
SBD kicks in at 4 min 7 1/2 sec