Ratdog 7/19/2007
Aragon Ballroom
Chicago, IL

Recorded & transferred by: Novy (steve.novy@comcast.net)

Source Information: NakCM300/CP4 (shotguns) > Denecke AD-20 > Sony PCM-M1 Master DAT.

Transfer: Sony PCM-M1 Master DAT > HHb 830 CDR > Sony DVD RW DRU-800A > EAC > CDwave > CDR.

disk 1
Set I
Jam > Playin in the Band >
Tomorrow Never Knows >
Jus' Like Mama Said,
Loose Lucy,
Book of Rules >

disk 2
Set II
The Winners@,
Masters of War@,
Althea*+# >
Aiko, Aiko*+# >
Drums/Jam*+# >

disk 3
Set II Cont'd
Sugaree*+# >
Two Djinn >
Not Fade Away
E: Johnny B. Goode

Show with Steve Kimock (Guitar); *-With Keller Williams (Guitar/Vocals); +-with Stewart Williams (Saxophone); #-with Jim Rossi (Trumpet); Mark was absent