Ratdog, Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ 2008-08-15

Taper : Steve t ''Aka'' The Big Red Bag

Nak 700 Mics > Sony Sbm 1 > Sony D-8

The Tracking Is A Little Screwed Up And I Was Going To Fix It But By The Time I Get Around To Doing That It Could Be Next Year With All The Stuff I Have Going On . So Here It Is And Sorry Again About The Tracking . But It Is About The Music Not The Track Marks ...............Later Joe

Disc 1:
01-Jam > Cassidy
02-Bird Song
03-Dire Wolf
04-Even so
05-October Queen
06-Shade Of Grey

Disc 2 :
01-Hell In A Bucket
04-Days Between
05-Bird Song
07-U.S Blues