Ray Davies
The Fillmore
San Francisco, Ca

Taped by Mike Butler AKA Highdesert AKA BouldernBun

Sony ECM 959A >
Sony PCM M1 >
Tascam DA 40 >
Soundblaster X-fi Extreme >
Sony Sound Forge resample 48 kHz to 44.1 kHz, nothing else >
Traders Little Helper.

Part of my 5 concerts in 5 nights summer 2012 road trip. What a great time. 4 Ray Davies shows and 1
Charlie Musselwhite gig. Taped from 1/2 way
back on the main floor (right aisle/walkway/path..). This is the miracle tape of the bunch. The only night of the road
trip that I partied and I was stoned out of my mind. That usually spells disaster however, I was so stoned most of
this night that I couldn't even move which made for a pretty steady recording... :) Mr "Holiday" did come to life towards the end of the show between songs,
So there is that. Other highlights, On the bus back to the hotel
we were sitting next to a real loon. And I thought I was F'd up. The bus driver stopped the bus and threw the guy off. However, as the driver was heading
in our direction I was like, crap..What I'd do this time?.. Funtime. A little EQ will go a long way with this. Enjoy!

Ray Davies
Bill Shanley
and The 88

1) I Need You
2) This Is Where I Belong
3) Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
4) In A Moment
5) Sunny Afternoon
6) Next Door Neighbor
7) Apeman
8) Dead End Street
9) The Band
Till The End Of The Day - Where Have All The Good Times Gone
10) I'm Not Like Everybody Else
11) Victoria
12) 20th Century Man
13) The Band
Celluloid Heroes
14) Come Dancing
15) You Really Got Me
16) All Day And All Of The Night
17) Misfits
18) Full Moon
19) Low Budget
20) Lola

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