"Reggae Explosion"
Barbary Coast
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA

-Roots Radics-
d1t01 Instrumental
d1t02 How Could I Live
d1t03 Young Lovers
-Mikey Dread-
d1t04 Intro
d1t05 Medley->Roots and Culture
d1t06 Break Down the Walls->
d1t07 Warrior Stylee->
d1t08 The Source (of Your Divorce)
d1t09 Israel Stylee
d1t10 Happy Family
d1t11 Line of King David
d1t12 My Religion
-Israel Vibration-
d2t01 ..Strength Of My Life
d2t02 Jah Love Me
d2t03 Live and Give
d2t04 Payday
d2t05 Don't Want Apartheid
d2t06 Cool and Calm
d2t07 The Same Song
d2t08 Middle East
d2t09 Greedy Dog

Bob Miller
Recording/Mastering Notes:
PZM Hat Rig->Sony TCD5M->Cass(M)->Nak BX300->Creative LiveDrive IR>16bit/44.1k> Mkw->SHN->
shntool(SBE fix)->WAV->FLAC(Level 8 )
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3pm Show in the Student Union Building. Max occupancy is 150.
Right of Stage. 10' from Right Stack
I missed about 10-20 seconds of Israel Vibration's first song due to security coming back in from the break. This was a very intimate show and the crowd knew they were experiencing something special.

SBE on all tracks, fixed on 2004-03-09 by Jeff Davis (branch_ld@hotmail.com)
- SBE fixed using shntool v1.2.3
- FLAC Compression using FLAC v1.1.0m (Level 8)
- Renamed to etree file naming standards
- No other edits were performed on the original fileset