Return to Forever
Chick Corea- keyboards
Al DiMeola- guitars
Stanley Clarke- bass
Lenny White- drums
Gothenburg, Sweden
January 22, 1975
performance quality: hot
recording quality: B+/A-
source: low- gen. FM broadcast tape
runtime: 105:12
setlist: disc 1
1: hymm of the seventh galaxy > the shadow of lo 13:58
2: band introductions 1:59
3; dayride 4:29
4: vulcan worlds 19:43
disc 2:
5: acoustic solos and jams 28:15
6: celebration suite 19:43
7: space circus 17:03
the listing on etree says this ends with STTPK's and theme to the mothership
I thought it was celebration suite and space circus to finish it out, but
there's no sttpk's in this recording. It's possible this may be missing it,
but I think this is the whole show and am pretty sure this is all from the
Gothenburg concert.
The quality isn't excellent, but pretty good for 75 FM. I got this on tape
in a snail trade many years ago, and since I couldn't find either this or
Hamburg 72 RTF shows up on the dime, I'm posting this one which sounds very
much like the 2008 edition (several similar songs), and the Hamburg one
which is before there was any guitar at all in RTF, since there's very little
72 RTF posted. That was their 1st year together, and very diffwerent than
anything that followed. The Vulcan Worlds in this show takes on some
Mahavishnu feeling to it in the middle, some heavy jamming. This was a fine
show. I think this is all of it but I'm not sure, the length sounds about
right for a full RTF 75 show, actually considerably longer than some of their
75 U.S. shows were. This is a Scandinavian delight.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
Relish in the chickness.